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Changing the Real Estate Market in Northern Cyprus

With our professional and international vision combined with both our local and international partners, Privileged Estates & Investments has changed the game of North Cyprus real estate in the past years.

We understand needs and interests on both sides and provide the best results for local Seller and international Buyer. With our in house law firm, ESALawfirm, we provide all legal and tax service and advice, including accounting under one roof. Quick reactions and solutions are therefore guaranteed and very much appreciated by our clients.

Our focus is on a certain portfolio with the high end quality in Cyprus, Privileged Estates and Investment virtually owns the most exclusive keys to North Cyprus. With our worldwide connections we are able to market quality properties.

Despite everything happening in the world over the past year we had more than 50 German investors in North Cyprus through us and our continuous efforts to promote our secret paradise. Nothing could stop us to organize professional investor tours by one of the leading German real estate expert, private organized tours and even holding exclusive live events about North Cyprus in Frankfurt and Berlin in 2020.

Our new brand “Immobilien Nordzypern” was born and is specialized on assisting our German speaking clients.

“Raising awareness of the island, making personal connections and building longterm relationships with sellers and buyers has been part of our success strategy.”

Whether you are an individual or a family looking for a holiday or retirement home or an escape and smart investment opportunity in Cyprus, investing with Privileged Estates & Investments to find the perfect property will give you the best opportunity to find exactly what you need.

Privileged Estates & Investments is fully equipped to deliver the best investment opportunities backed by an all-inclusive-service to inform the investor of the critical details they need to be aware of and options of properties with high return on investment, yield and capital appreciation. Our experts are fully knowledgeable and can give you tailored made services.

A great community is very important for every internal support system. “Deutsche Community Nordzypern” has helped many Germans and locals to connect and settle within a new environment. This month we are celebrating our first year anniversary.

Especially with last years’ new challenges affecting the travels to North Cyprus, we were able to create new digital solutions for every step of the way. And our after sales service expended from video calls to online customized Interior design.

“Our clients’ needs are driving us. We want everyone to feel secure and happy with their investment and be able to enjoy it the way they intended to in the first place. “

To summarize Privileged Estates and Investments creates a lifestyle that our clients desire and ensure all of the legal and fiscal sides of investment are taken care of to the highest level of service. Not only this also you will have the opportunity to make money with your holiday home or investment through our property and rental management company.

Our mission is to guide you through the process of relocating and investing in a life abroad. Provide you with the needed advice and property law perspective, take away the anxiety and focus on the excitement and joy.

Eylem Sakir:

“With my expertise in the local property market and my educational background as a lawyer specialized in international Taxation and Real Estate I’ve served many clients in the past 15 years from all over the world to establish tailor made taxation solutions and purchase your dream property.“

Susanne Rey

“As a foreign investor I experienced the questions and confusions you automatically have due to the different system and processes. It’s essential to have trustworthy, local advisors that provide you with the needed information and help you find exactly what you are looking for.”

Together we have assisted many investors from Europe, India and even New Zealand to make the right decision, be safe and relaxed and hold their hands among the whole process.

Our core values are what drive us. We leverage our expertise to deliver a tailored, white glove experience. We expect nothing less than exceptional. We love what we do and that what makes the difference

Finally as always it is a privilege to live in Northern Cyprus and we are continuing to release content that will be relevant to help everyone on the other side.

Eylem & Susanne

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